Essential clothing pieces for newborn babies

BabyJox: Essential clothing pieces for newborn babies

Shopping for clothes, especially if they’re not for you, is never easy. You’d have to consider a lot of things such as comfortability, size, price, etc. On top of that, trends come and go quickly these days and it’s hard to keep up with what’s ‘in’ all the time.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about any of that because we here at BabyJox got your back! We believe that getting some essential clothes for your babies are much more important than keeping up with the latest trends. That’s why in this blog, we’ve compiled some of the clothing pieces that you should be ready with once you finally get home with your newborn baby.

We’ve also made sure that these clothing pieces are good to wear for different kinds of seasons so that you can keep your babies stylish and comfortable at the same time all year round!


This clothing piece comes in two variations: short and long-sleeved, both of which are essential for your babies. Every wardrobe should have this piece for several reasons with one of the most important ones being it’s easy to wear and take off.

Newborn babies are fragile and you wouldn’t want them to experience hassle as much as possible. With bodysuits, you can easily get it over their bodies without having to touch their heads. More importantly, when a bathroom emergency occurs, which will indeed happen several times, you can easily take them off by pulling them down.

As for the long sleeve variant, this is essential during the colder seasons and even for the night. They provide your precious baby with the warmth that they need while keeping them comfortable at the same time.

Lastly, when buying bodysuits, we do recommend you to go a half or a full size up just because babies grow at a rapid pace. Also, going for a bigger size will be more comfortable and less harsh for their overly sensitive skin.


A baby’s wardrobe is incomplete without a cute set of pyjamas. This is a great alternative to bodysuits during the colder seasons when your babies need some extra warmth and comfort.

When it comes to shopping for pyjamas, there are two types of fabrics that you should consider, fleece and cotton. Fleece-based pyjamas will help your baby feel breezy and fresh during the warmer months while cotton-based ones will help them warm during the colder season.

There are several types of pyjamas in the market and  here are the ones that we recommend to you the most:

Footed pyjamas

Footed pyjamas perfectly cover your baby’s entire body. The best part about this is that you won’t have to worry about letting them wear socks and shoes as this clothing piece can cover and keep their feet warm at all times. Also, they won’t be walking anytime soon so shoes and socks are a bit unnecessary at this age.

Pyjamas with built-in mittens

Newborn babies are extremely fragile and you’d want to protect them as much as possible. This is why one of the things that you should have in your baby’s wardrobe is a pair of pyjamas with built-in mittens.

Their nails grow fast and they tend to be sharp if not trimmed regularly. Sometimes, they tend to put their hands on their face by accident which is something that you want to avoid because their nails can easily scratch themselves and cause permanent scars.

By letting your babies wear a pair of pyjamas with built-in mittens, you’ll be preventing them from accidentally scratching their faces and other parts of their bodies.

Zipper pyjamas

Sometimes, buttoning your baby’s pyjamas can be too hard and tedious, especially when they start moving around so much. The best solution to this problem is getting some zipper pyjamas.

This amazing piece of clothing makes your life way easier as it can help you dress your babies quicker and taking them off is also a breeze which is an important factor that you should look at anytime you shop for clothes.


A great way to help your newborn baby adapt to their new environment is to get a swaddle. This is a blanket that helps keep them warm which imitates the cosiness of the mother’s womb. You’ll most likely see this in different variations but style doesn’t matter here as its main priority is to snuggle the baby into a cocoon.

However, swaddling isn’t for everyone as some babies don’t like it and end up being in discomfort. But, it’s still worth a try because it can instantly make you and your baby’s life easier.


As parents, expect that your babies will drool a lot. The best solution for this is buying them a bib. Aside from being a piece of clothing, it also plays an important role as it prevents their drool from getting all over their clothes.

This is important for every parent who doesn’t want to wipe drool off their baby’s face from time to time. Also, equipping your baby with bibs lessens the need for you to change their clothes which not only saves you money but time as well.

Footed pants

Sometimes putting a pair of socks on your baby can be a hassle and they may end up not liking the feeling of it on their feet. For this problem, the best solution is to buy a pair of footed pants.

This way, your baby can have their feet covered by just wearing a pair of pants. They won’t get to remove it everywhere around the house which means that it lessens the chances of it getting lost.

Footed pyjamas are also perfect when your babies are starting to learn how to stand up and walk as they can provide cushioning for their feet.

Outfit for special occasions

When it comes to specific events, you should always have a special outfit on hand. The best part about these pieces of clothing is that they’re stylish and comfortable at the same time! For girls, several dresses are made from organic cotton that will help absorb moisture as well as make them look cute for pictures.

For baby boys, you can easily dress them formally with some cotton long sleeves and dress pants. Just make sure that their comfort is still your top priority. If you can’t find any type of formal wear for your baby, some zipper pyjamas emulate the look of a suit that is sleek and comfortable.


Once it starts getting into the hotter months, it’s time to break out a pair of trusty shorts. It’s gender-neutral and it can keep your babies feeling fresh during the summer season. We would also recommend getting one made with cotton to prevent skin irritation and to absorb moisture.


Moving on from hot summer days to the colder months, a nice sweater should always be in your baby’s wardrobe, especially if you’re heading outside. Usually, this is used to help your baby stay warm and cosy during the winter season however, we recommend you to always bring one with you every time you go outside because it can get unexpectedly called when you enter malls, restaurants and other establishments.

You can either get the traditionally designed sweaters that you have to put over the baby’s head or you can opt for the ones that have built-in zippers for easy access.

Warm jacket

Sometimes the climate can get extra cold and in this situation, it would be best to dress your baby in a warm jacket to add an extra layer of warmth and cosiness. When choosing a jacket for your baby, make sure to pick one that’s lightweight as this clothing tends to be more on the bulkier side. Find a great balance between comfortability and warmth to keep your baby comfortable while being warm.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not zip the jacket all the way up as this can easily hurt their neck. 

Sun hat and sunglasses

A great clothing piece that will enhance the cuteness of your baby and keep it safe at the same time is a sun hat. When you’re spending a day at the beach or swimming pool with your family, we would advise bringing this along with you on your trip.

Because you can’t apply sunscreen on your baby just yet, this would be the best way to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. Along with the sun hat, we would also recommend you to buy a pair of sunglasses for your babies to protect their precious eyes.


You can’t keep using footed pants over and over again, especially during the warmer months. During these days, you need to give your babies an outfit that has good airflow which can be shorts or dresses. To keep their feet protected at all times, finish the outfit with a nice pair of socks.

This serves the same purpose with the footings found in their footed pants with the advantage of being more comfortable and breathable.

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