Common baby clothes shopping mistakes

BabyJox: Common baby clothes shopping mistakes

Shopping for baby clothes doesn’t have to be hard! Although there are a lot of things that you need to consider, it’s relatively easy once you know what you’re looking for and your baby needs. However, we still see several shoppers who make wrong choices when shopping for baby clothes here at BabyJox.

Throughout our years in the industry, we’ve seen millions of shoppers and we’ve noticed a pattern that some of them make. To help you not make the same mistakes, we’ve compiled the majority of them here and given ways on how to avoid each one.

Once you’re ready to buy some new clothes for your baby, make sure to steer away from committing these common mistakes:

Settling for cheap items

One of the most common mistakes that we see shoppers make is that they choose quantity over quality. When buying cheap items, you’re potentially buying something that compromises on its quality to achieve its price, unless it’s on sale.

A sale item is far different from cheap ones because these originally possessed a higher price but were marked down because of various reasons. This may be because it’s out of season or maybe they’re trying to clear the stocks. However, we’re not saying that you should always go for the expensive options.

What you need to do instead is to thoroughly check the item to see which material it’s made from and if it’s durable enough. Don’t use the price tag as a basis for what you’re going to buy.

However, we do understand that it is tempting to choose quantity over quality but you may end up spending more money on cheap clothes because they break easier which means that you have to buy new ones more often.

Buying clothes that are snug

An important thing to keep in mind when buying baby clothes is that babies grow rapidly. You’d be surprised how big they get in months or even weeks. That’s why you should always buy clothes that are at least a half or a full size bigger than the baby’s actual current size. 

This way, even when your baby grows a couple of inches in weeks, the clothes will still fit them nicely. Not only will this lessen your need to buy new clothes but it will also allow your baby to have more mobility.

Also, buying clothes that have a snug fit can be uncomfortable for their skin which can easily irritate them. Don’t make the mistake of buying tight-fitting clothes for your babies because it would be a waste of money!

Choosing the wrong fabric

When shopping for baby clothes, you have to put comfortability at the top of your priority list. This is because their skin is way too sensitive compared to adults which means that not all kinds of fabric are good for them.

An easy thing to remember that will help you save money is to only choose clothes that are made with cotton as much as possible. This fabric is gentle on their skin and won’t irritate them. It also allows them to stay comfortable while also being able to absorb moisture when they sweat.

Here are some of the types of fabric that you must avoid when buying baby clothes:

  • Polyester
  • Synthetic/blended
  • Wool
  • Fleece. 

Not inspecting the item for damages

The next time you go clothes shopping for your babies, make sure to inspect the item thoroughly for any damages. Whether it be loose threads, holes, stains and others, you should always keep an eye out for these minor damages before buying the item.

This can help you save time and energy compared to noticing it when you get home because you’d have to drive back to the mall or wherever you bought it to request a return or an exchange.

Buying clothes with small neck openings

As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to apply too much pressure on your baby as you dress them. That’s why when clothes shopping, it’s important to consider the diameter of the neck opening so that you won’t what have to put force in putting the shirt on.

Infants are at their early stage which means that their bones are still developing and extremely fragile and a little force can easily damage their bodies. 

Buying clothes with labels at the back of the necks

As was previously mentioned, the baby’s skin is extra sensitive because they’ve just come out of the womb and they’re still adapting to their new environment. You’d be surprised to find out that even the smallest detail such as labels and tags at the back of their clothes can easily irritate their skin.

This is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to baby clothes shopping and unfortunately, there are still several brands that manufacture items that have these types of brandings.

Only buying buttoned onesies

Although it’s convenient to buy buttoned onesies because of how easy they are to wear and take off of your baby, there’s a better option for you in the market. Zipper onesies are more accessible and convenient for your baby which is something that you will need because of how many times you’ll be changing their diapers.

Undoing every single button of a onesie will take a long time and it’s also a tedious process that is inconvenient compared to the quickness of its zipper variant. This especially comes in handy during times where they made an ‘accident’ in their pants without wearing diapers.

Buying too much in one go

Another common mistake that people make when shopping for baby clothes is that they do it in one go. What we mean by this is that they shop once a year for items that will be used for a whole year or so.

This should be avoided because at all times because as we have stated earlier, babies grow rapidly which means that these items will be outgrown in a couple of months or even weeks from when you originally bought them. In short, you’d be wasting a lot of money compared to when you buy small batches throughout the year.

Also, buying too much in one go will let you pass on the potential sale items that the stores may have in the future. 

Not considering the season

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy clothes in one go is that you have to buy different items to correspond to the different seasons of the year. As much as possible, your babies should be at their most comfortable state throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

To help you avoid the mistake of buying clothes that are not in season, here’s a quick guide for you:

For summer

A hot summery day will undoubtedly affect your baby’s behaviour. To help them stay comfortable during this season, here are some items that we recommend you to buy:

  • Silk/cotton shorts
  • Flowy dress
  • Short-sleeved onesies.

These are just some of the best examples. If you’re at the store and you don’t know which one to get, just remember that the best choice for your babies during the summer is breathable clothes.

For winter and other colder months

When the temperature starts to drop, you’d have to dress your babies in some clothes that will provide warmth and cosiness. Here are some of the best ones that you can buy today:

  • Warm jacket
  • Sweater
  • Long-sleeved onesies.

Not washing new clothes

When buying new baby clothes from the store, make sure to wash them once you get home. This is an important step for several reasons such as:

  • It has been fitted by several other babies.
  • It has been sitting on shelves for a long time.
  • It contains chemicals that make it look more vibrant in stores.

Not checking the return policies

Nothing is worse than buying a new set of baby clothes and ending up not being the right size for your baby when you get home. In this situation, you’d have to know the return policy for that specific item or if they even have one.

You should always check for the return policy before you buy an item. This way, you can easily bring it back to the store in case it’s damaged or the wrong size.

Not letting the kids choose

When your kids reach the age of 6 to 10, chances are, they already know which design they prefer on their clothes. When this happens, make sure to give them the creative freedom to choose the clothes that they want. 

This will help you save money because it prevents you from buying something that they may not want to wear. It’s also a great way to let them feel like they’re in charge of small things like this.

A great lifehack that we’ve discovered is that whichever is out of season tends to be on sale in most stores so this means you can buy summer items during the winter for less and vice versa.

These are some of the most common mistakes that first-time shoppers make and how to avoid them. These tips will help you save time, money and effort, just make sure to remember them every time you shop for baby clothes. Hopefully, after reading this you’d be able to find the best clothing items for your baby!

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