BabyJox: Common misconceptions about babies

There are always common misconceptions about babies. Break the stereotypes and find out what they are when you read this article by BabyJox. The common misconceptions about babies that you need to know are the following:

Baby doesn’t have a nose

It is common to see baby’s face and the only thing you can see is their mouth and their nose. This is because babies don’t have a nose yet. The nose is developed in the fourth month of pregnancy.

Baby’s eyes are closed

The eyes of a baby are always closed because they are not used to seeing the outside world yet. Babies’ eyes open at the end of the first month of their life.

Baby doesn’t sleep

When babies sleep, they have a special stage called REM sleep. It is the most important sleep for them.

Baby is always hungry

Babies are always hungry, but they don’t eat like adults. They eat only once a day, and they eat small meals.

Baby doesn’t like to sleep

Babies don’t like to sleep. It is the first thing they need to learn.

Baby’s skin is always dry

The skin of a baby is dry because it is the first thing that babies need to learn.

1. All babies sleep a lot

There are exceptions, but most babies sleep more than 12 hours a day. They don’t need to sleep as much as adults, because they don’t need as much sleep.

2. Babies sleep in their own bed

Babies don’t need to sleep in their own bed. They can sleep in their parents’ bed or in their crib.

3. Babies sleep when they cry

Babies cry when they need something. They are hungry, they are tired, they are cold, they need to be held, they need to be rocked, they need to be burped, they need to be changed, they need to be hugged.

4. Babies don’t sleep when they are hungry

They don’t have to sleep when they are hungry. If they are hungry, they will cry. They will cry a lot, and they will keep crying until they are fed.

5. Babies don’t need to sleep

Babies don’t need to sleep as much as adults. Babies can sleep for 12 hours a day, but they can also sleep for 10 hours a day. They can also sleep for 8 hours a day.

6. They do not know how to walk

7. They cannot talk

8. They are born without a brain

9. They cannot see

10. They cannot read

11. They are born without a heart

12. They cannot cry

13. They are born without the ability to understand language

14. They cannot learn

15. They cannot talk

16. They cannot think

17. They are born with a blank slate

18. They cannot feel

19. They cannot read

20. They cannot walk

21. They cannot talk

22. They cannot think

23. They are born without a brain

24. They cannot read

25. They cannot walk

26. They cannot talk

27. They cannot think

28. They are born with a blank slate

29. They cannot cry

30. They cannot see

31. They cannot talk

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